Ecorider Freedom Comfort Bridle
Ecorider Freedom Comfort Bridle
Ecorider Freedom Comfort Bridle

Ecorider Freedom Comfort Bridle

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Made from the finest quality vegetable tanned leather, EcoRider leatherwork has been carefully designed to work in harmony with your horse.

Exquisite, handcrafted saddlery, anatomically designed to reduce pressure on sensitive areas, promoting harmony and clarity between horse & rider.

This anatomic bridle has been designed to fit your horses shape perfectly, taking pressure off the sensitive nerve endings on the cheeks and poll. This is achieved with a unique approach to the shaping of the noseband, throat-latch and headpiece.

The Freedom headpiece is designed to alleviate pressure from a cutaway behind the sensitive ear area, the throat-latch sitting independently & high up to remove any tightening around the jaw when the horse works in flexion and to keep the bridle in a more natural position. The headpiece also incorporates a broad elasticated panel at the poll to accommodate movement in the atlas & axis vertebrae.

The browband is made to dip away from the ears and is slightly oversized to remove pressure away from the base of the ears allowing full movement  without restriction or pinching.

The noseband is shaped and padded to sit under the nerve sensitive cheek bones & is moulded to distribute equal pressure around the whole nose area, which is adjusted and tightened via the independent padded strap at the back. The noseband cleverly incorporates a flush fitting and unobtrusive flash strap which sits naturally in the correct position thereby negating a pressure point. The flash strap slots through the broad padded nosepiece and can easily be removed.

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